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Lands in front of the sea
a short musical voyage through different musical culture
published by IWM ITALIAN WORLD MUSIC (IRMA records & Maffucci Music) Via L. Romagnoli 3/B, 40010 Bentivoglio, BO, Italy.
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"Giovanni Vicidomini realised this CD-Album in his home recording studio playing all instruments and mixing all sound samples. He has a great reputation as guitar playing, with a huge presence on scene beside many famous Artists involved in Roots Music from Naples, especially Tammurriata. He's a wise composer and musician that features a deep knowledge of ancient tradition and modern styles... this recording is an achievement between Naples Roots Music and New Age."


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* Ninna nanna luna nova 
Video (Live) - Q.d.Napolintorno
(G. Vicidomini)

* Badinerie 
(J. S. Bach - G. Vicidomini)

* Intro 
(G. Vicidomini)

* Promo Lands in front of the sea
(G. Vicidomini)

* Bella ciao 
(trad. - G. Vicidomini)
vox: Simone Carotenuto and Sebastiano Roscigno.